LIV Chiropractic features CORE SCORE technology that detects the root cause of common health issues.  Read below to learn more.





Tracking progress is a hallmark at LIV Chiropractic. The myINSIGHT technology gives us the unique ability to scan the integrity & function of the nervous system. The nervous system has sole responsibility of restoring injured tissue & controlling the functions of our body.  This technology allows us to determine your overall rate of healing and where decreases in function are present.


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3-Variable Technology

The CORE SCORE is a combination score of

Heart Rate Variability

Active Muscle System Electromyography

Surface Level Thermography

These tests determine the overall rate of healing which is important for overall adaptability.  The CORE SCORE pinpoints energy waisting, inefficiencies and subluxation stress patterns.



The LIV Chiropractic Promise

Many people have come to us after they have tried everything with no real direction as to what is causing their health problems.

We promise to help you find what is causing your problem or turn you in the right direction.

We hope to be your final destination in your health journey.

Book an appointment today to sit down with one of our doctors to see if we are the right fit for you, and you for us.