Our Approach at LIV Chiropractic

With advanced technology & adjustment technique, LIV Chiropractic uses a perfect balance of Science, Art & Philosophy. Read more below

myINSIGHT Technology

Tracking progress is a hallmark at LIV Chiropractic. The myINSIGHT technology gives us the unique ability to scan the integrity & function of the nervous system. The nervous system has sole responsibility of restoring injured tissue & controlling the functions of our body.  This new technology allows us to focus on overall function which includes your current symptoms. 


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Light Force Adjustment Technique

Our doctors use specific adjustment protocol that allows for light-force adjustments that tailor well to our youngest & oldest members. With focus on health development & guidance, we are able to help you achieve health like you have never experienced.


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The LIV Chiropractic Promise

We promise to take care of you based on your specific needs.  We focus on setting & achieving pre-destined goals with every person that comes into our office.

We have a 100% satisfaction rate & are dedicated to maintaining this in any way possible.


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