Our Promise at LIV Chiropractic 001

1st blog post!

Hey everyone, this is Dr Scott Hawkins of LIV Chiropractic. Today I want to talk about why we decided to open our highly-unique chiropractic office.

We are met today with a society filled with countless people living with health conditions that negatively impact their lives daily.  We at LIV Chiropractic have an answer.

What makes us unique and entirely different from all other health-care professionals is our outlook on the human body.  Neurological-based chiropractors understand that the body's main healing mechanism, the nervous system, must function properly for the body to heal correctly. 

How do we know if the nervous system is functioning properly?

We have a series of state of the art scans in our office that tell us specifically how efficiently our nervous system does what it does best, heal. Our neuroHEALTH scans take our understanding of health beyond how we feel to how we function. 

Now that we know how well your system is functioning, we have our luxurious LIV Plan which allows us to run a series of adjustments & re-scans to see how well your system is responding to the care in our office.

There is one thing we can promise at LIV Chiropractic — a better functioning nervous system will create a better & more certain life.

Health by choice, not by chance.

Yours truly,

Dr Scott