Our Hope at LIV Chiropractic 002

Blog post 002!

In post 001, we covered the promise of Chiropractic is to remove interference so you, your family & your community can live free of disease.  Remember: health by choice, not by chance. 

We opened LIV for our community & now we ask that you help & join us.

We owe it to our ourselves, our community & the future generations to gain control of our health. When we take a look at the snapshot of our current society, our issue is not that we have a low-level of health (although we do), our issue is that we don't know what to do about it.

Chiropractors know what to do.

Chiropractic makes good with what is interfering with the healing process.  Notice how it has nothing to do with symptoms. A symptom is a call to action. It's your body's intelligent response to a stressed system.

We assist in healing the master control system of the body (the nervous system). This is truly dealing in the cause of disease rather than attempting to cover up the effect.

This is our call to action. Let's heal together as a community. If we stick together, we'll win. 

"A man with his health has 1,000 dreams & a man without has but 1."

Yours truly,

Dr Scott