What Does Stress Look Like?

What does stress look like?

Interesting question, right? Stress can be divided into three main categories; thoughts, traumas & toxins.

The human body is always adapting to stress & attempting to maintain some sort of balance within the system.  What happens is stressors (thoughts, traumas or toxins) cause our body to work a little bit harder to adapt, so we can regain balance.

Doesn't it make sense that my body will have to go through a healing process to adapt to a stressor so it can re-balance?

So what happens if my body is healing from stress & I get another stressor before it adapts to the first one? The stressors compound & the body begins to fall behind — away from balance.

When we get in a car accident (trauma) it can take our body years to regain it's balance. 

What's really important is when we get in a car accident & immediately start thinking (thoughts) about all the things we have to do like calling the police & the insurance company & our family & our doctor; we start compounding stress.

Our body falls behind. We think ourselves away from healing with all the stress a car accident causes, both physically & mentally. Does that make sense?

When our body falls behind due to stressors & cannot regain balance, we call that a subluxated state.

Certain chiropractors, check for subluxated states & make corrective adjustments in order to allow the body to regain balance.

I cannot explain chiropractic any simpler & I cannot stress enough that chiropractic does not deal with pain as much as it deals with an unbalanced system that has fell behind adapting to pain.

Make sense?