Nervous System: The major healing organ, responsible for all function within the body. 

Subluxation: Stress compounded within the nervous system. Subluxation decreases the body's ability to heal. 

Neurological Chiropractic: A profession focused on the removal of subluxation leading to restored nervous system function.

Health: The rate or speed of function.

Function: The body's capability to endure any stress and maintain it's major process.

Homeostasis: The body's major process. A state of balance within the body. This is health.

Symptoms: The body's call-to-action. When symptoms arise, it's time to make a change in order to not compromise function.

*** Note: You can make a change well before symptoms arise.

Sympathetic Nervous System: This is our fight-or-flight nervous system. It is activated anytime we are in a state of subluxation.

Sympathetic Overdrive: Long term subluxation leading to decreased function.

Parasympathetic Nervous System: This aspect of our nervous system is activated only when the Sympathetic Nervous System is at rest and controls all healing and improved function.

Chiropractic Adjustment: Removal of subluxation, leading to homeostasis and health, away from sympathetic and towards parasympathetic.

Chiropractic Care Plan: A continuation of adjustments under doctor recommendations in order to receive optimal function and health.

Health Insurance: Just like any insurance, it will only pay for crisis care, not restoration of health.