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on day 1, Our focus is entirely on you.

You can visit our Forms page to fill out & print your Patient Intake Form. From there we will create your patient profile with a series of neurological tests & exams. Today you will have the opportunity to ask our doctors any questions you have.

Expect 30 minutes for an individual Day 1 & an hour for a full-family profile.


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on day 2, our focus is on your results & our uniqueness

It's important that you know exactly what to expect at LIV Chiropractic before we move forward. Our report of findings includes teaching points on Chiropractic & how we can help you secure the health you strive for. Our care plans are individually crafted for you to promote the highest healing & performance possible. 

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our mission at liv chiropratic

Our mission at LIV Chiropractic is to serve full families.  We are proud to be equipped with Chiropractors trained in pre-natal & pediatric care. We strive to be your family's doctor & help you achieve the health you deserve.